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Verbal bullying in schools has become the concern of the researcher. By using the "verbal bullying" AND “school” keywords, on the Scopus Database on March 12th, 2020, 115 documents were found. These documents were produced starting from 1999. The results of the bibliometrics analysis using Biblioshiny show that the most relevant source which has the highest H-Index for this theme is the Journal of School Violence. However, after observing each document, the article written by Wang J. in 2009 in the Journal of Adolescent Health is the one that receives the most citations. Meanwhile, Chen LM is the most productive writer in this field by producing 4 documents. Furthermore, the words that are most frequently mentioned in documents regarding verbal bullying in schools are related to gender, namely male and female, as well as the age of students in schools consisting of children and adolescents. The results of the analysis of the words that are most frequently expressed also indicate that verbal bullying in schools has received certain attention and studied from various disciplines. The results of this bibliometrics analysis are expected to be able to contribute to schools and other relevant parties in dealing with verbal bullying issues and create programs to minimize verbal bullying in schools.



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