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The Study examined the use of Electronic Resources in Engineering College Libraries in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India. In this study collecting primary data for the present study, the investigator adopted the survey method. The tool employed for collecting data is questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed in such a way to collect the data from the library users (faculty members) of engineering college libraries. Qquestionnaires were circulated among 890 library users out of whom 705 responses were received representing 79% of the total sample to whom the questionnaire was distributed. It is evident from the analysis that 448 (63.54%) majority of respondents are male users, 379 (53.75%) majority of respondent users are Assistant Professors, 259 (36.73%) majority of respondents visit the library on a daily basis, 631 (89.50%) respondents who feel that the library had convenient working hours. The study found that majority of user’s visits library for borrowing books, reference books and electronic journals. The study found that majority of users use IEEE, SCOPUS, Springer, NPTEL services. The study found that highly satisfied with IEEE facility, DELNET facility, NPTEL Videos and 419 (59.43%) are not availing the facility of CMIE Prowess. Finally the study suggested that the users are not aware of about some electronic information resources, so the engineering college libraries will conduct information literacy programmes on electronic resources.



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