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Winter 3-17-2020


Collection development of electronic resources has come to stay in library development to complement the development of prints. But it has its challenges especially in developing countries. In developing libraries with electronic resources, it involves a lot of practices which are slightly different from the collection development of prints. More research has been carried out in the development of prints rather than electronic resources. This study reviewed published articles on electronic resources collection development practices of university libraries and other practices of building electronic resources in libraries. This study was restricted to empirical works on the collection development practices of electronic resources under the subheadings of; types of electronic resources, policies, evaluation of electronic resources, challenges and strategies for overcoming the challenges. The study also found out that there were challenges that discouraged the development of electronic resources especially with the selection of electronic resources are quality, subject coverage, license agreement and vendor support. It also revealed the strategies for overcoming the challenges of developing electronic resources to include constant evaluation of automation facilities, adequate and regular systems upgrade, provision of skilled manpower and periodic and regular training of librarians and paraprofessionals in the use of modern information and communication technology facilities. The study recommended that Librarians are encouraged to apply the necessary policies of building electronic resources for a balance collection and suggested strategies of overcoming the challenges of building electronic resources should be upheld in order to build a balance collection of electronic resources.



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