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Summer 4-1-2020

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P, Sankar Mr and E S, Kavitha Dr, "BIBLIOMETRIC ANALYSIS OF JOURNAL OF EMERGING MARKET FINANCE: A SINGLE JOURNAL STUDY" (2015). Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal). 1383.


I thank Mr.R Adil Rasheed (Dy Head of LDD) of UR Rao Satellite Center, Bengaluru for great support and encouragement to preparing this Manuscript.


The study attempts to analyse 1008 research publications of ‘Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing’ during the period 2010-2019. The present study focused on growth of research output, collaborations trends, citations patterns, contributing countries and organizations. Bibliometrix an R package used for scientometric analysis to achieve the research activities. The study shows that India, China and Iran are the top collaborating countries. The study also shows that the research output of the journal has increased over the years, a significant jump has recorded after 2012. VOSviewer was used to build network maps to know the collaborative zones with respect to Insitute and keyword distributions. The finding of the study shows that Lotka’s law is valid for the present study.