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Summer 3-18-2020



Library resource is one of those essential tools needed by fresh undergraduates in tertiary institutions. Observation shows that they rarely register and make effective use of the library arising from the negative perception they had from secondary schools. This study therefore investigated perception as a correlate of enrolment and use of library in the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. Simple random sampling technique was used to distribute questionnaire to 100 fresh undergraduates of Physics, Physical and Health Education and Economics Departments in the College. Out of the 100 questionnaires distributed, 92 were returned and found useful. The response rate was therefore 92.0%. The study found that fresh undergraduates exhibited negative perception about the College Library; they possess low level of awareness in respect of library enrolment; and also underuse the library. Besides, it was discovered that there is positive significant correlation between perception and library enrolment/use among fresh undergraduates. It was recommended that librarians should work assiduously to disabuse the minds of fresh undergraduates from negative perception about the library and Government should formulate policies that will make use of library attractive even from primary school level.

Keywords: Library perception, Library enrolment and Use of library



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