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An increase in cyberbullying has been shown by various survey results. This condition raises the attention and awareness of global society towards cyberbullying. The awareness of the global community in dealing with cyberbullying generates particular thoughts and programs or anti-cyberbullying movements. In this case, this article aims to analyze the popular topics in the documents related to cyberbullying prevention. The analysis is conducted through science mapping using the Biblioshiny for Bibliometrix from the R Tool. Furthermore, 713 documents are obtained after searched through the keywords: protection OR prevention OR against AND cyberbullying, on the Scopus Database on March 17th, 2020. The analysis reveals that 713 documents about cyberbullying prevention are commenced in 2006. The "Computer in Human Behavior" journal is selected as the most relevant source based on the number of documents for this theme. The word ‘adolescent’, especially female adolescents, is mentioned more in the documents related to cyberbullying prevention. This can indicate that cyberbullying more commonly happens among adolescents, especially female adolescents. Moreover, the topic dendrogram shows that the theme of cyberbullying in social networking is served as a separate theme. Other popular themes are produced at least through 3 approaches, that are survey, experimental (controlled study) and psychological/psychiatric approaches. It is expected that being familiar with the research topics in cyberbullying can contribute a comprehension for related parties towards the developing issues so that cyberbullying prevention programs can be effectively created.

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