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This paper examines the contributions of various academic works by medical Institutions/Universities ranked by National Institutional Ranking Frameworks(NIRF) in the ResearchGate(RG).The study has considered the top ten NIRF Ranking Medical Universities/Institutions. The relevant data were extracted from the websites of NIRF ( and ResearchGate ( The study has mainly focused on ResearchGate (RG) Score, Memberships and Publications of top NIRF Ranking Universities/Institutions. The results show that the All India Institute of Medical Sciences contributions are found high (RG Score: 25775.82, Membership: 1970 and Publications: 15410) and Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research are found less (RG Score: 5033.65, Membership: 816 and Publications: 1829) in the ResearchGate. The study also recommended that all the Medical Universities/Institutions should be encouraged to contribute their academic activities in ResearchGate.



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