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Despite the effort Government and other stakeholders are making to support Ghanaian senior high schools in information and communication technology (ICT), most of the schools are teaching ICT as an isolated subject rather than integrating the ICT resources into the educational curriculum to improve teaching and learning. The objective of the study was to assess the integration of ICT resources in teaching and learning in senior secondary schools in the Cape Coast metropolis. A total of 270 respondents took part in the survey. Five senior secondary schools were selected. This comprised of teachers and students. Random sampling was used to select the respondents and questionnaires were the instruments used for the survey. The Data were analyzed using SPSS version 21.0 software to produce frequencies and percentages. Result of the analysis indicated that teachers who had background knowledge in ICT were the ones who used it in their lesson delivery, also students were interested in using ICT in their learning but could not so due to lack of access to the facility in their various schools. This was as a result of inadequacy, or absence of the technology. The study recommended to Government and other stake holders to come to the aid of Senior Secondary Schools to provide ICT infrastructure for these schools, and make them available to students. It was also recommended that ICT training should be organized for teachers to facilitate the smooth integration of ICT into the school curriculum.