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Summer 4-2-2020

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The current situation of spread of Corona Virus is really worth to worry and critical. As we are moving from stage 2 to stage 3, it is really our duty and right to prevent its spread effectually, as its threat to life of every individual. As per the expert opinion from Health Organizations, the elder people are most at risk of Corona infection. But if the people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol fail to take their prescribed medication, then they are also prone to various infections, due to low immunity levels. Along with regular medication, Sound Therapy is proven the best to improve blood circulation to different organs and also to develop better heart health. So the main objective of this Bibliometric paper is to show positive impact of Yoga and Sound Therapy like clapping, which is one of the best acupressure techniques, on the control of blood pressure. These techniques may lead to one step towards avoiding the spread of Corona Virus infection. The Bibliometric analysis in this paper is done using the giant databases including Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar, and Research Gate. The tools like Gephi, iMapBuilder, NodeXL etc are used for Data Visualization purpose. The study exposed that most of the publications of impact of Sound Therapy on Covid-19 and blood pressure are from conference and journals, affiliated to Computer Science and healthcare, United States lead publications followed by United Kingdom and then Australia, India.