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The concept of plagiarism is universally addressed in all scholarly, artistic, and scientific disciplines. Plagiarism is using someone else's work or ideas without attributing proper credit and presenting the work or ideas as your own. It is considered an academic violation, though it is not illegal in a criminal or civil sense. The present study attempted to measure the faculty perception of plagiarism. The aimed to analysis the faculty perception on plagiarism on Exacerbate, Justification for Plagiarism. It is also analysis the factors on Severity and Penalty on plagiarism and Misfitting Items related to plagiarism. The study collected responses from faculty members working in arts and science colleges in south India. It is mentioned that when someone commits plagiarism, the act is against the author of the work. Majorities of respondents are tempted to plagiarize if they have permission from a friend to copy his or her work, plagiarized if they currently have more important obligations or tasks to do and tempted to plagiarize because, even if caught, the punishment will be light.