Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study surveyed the challenges and opportunities of access and use of open access resources by undergraduate students in selected federal universities in south-east, Nigeria. The study employed descriptive survey method and quantitative research technique, using questionnaire as instrument for data collection. A total of 369 students selected from four federal universities in South East, Nigeria was used as the population of the study. The study found that the students’ respondents are aware of open access resources and use them daily because these resources saves time and provides literature for their research work. Despite the associated benefits students derive from open access resources, there are challenges in accessing and using them such as inadequate training, unsuitable infrastructures and the resources not containing information in their field of study. Though there are challenges in accessing these resources, availability of information resources makes research writing easy and keeps the students informed of current trends. The Call for open access to information resources have been the declaration of Library associations and most governments. This study therefore concluded that libraries/librarians should facilitate student’s access to open access resources to enhance/improve library services and for information provision.