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Optics is a significant research area both for its scientific importance and industrial solicitations. This study examines the optics research activities of India during 2015– 2019, based on the total publication output, its growth rate, quality of papers published and growth rate of India in the international perspective. Patterns of international collaborative research output and the major partner institutions of India are also deliberated. This study also evaluates the research performance of different types of Indian research institutions and the features of published literature in Indian and overseas journals. The data has been retrieved by using SCOPUS database. Total number of 5318 publications as indexed in SCOPUS database during 2015-2019. The results show that there insignificant growth in optics literature published from India. It may be researcher, institutions or India’s collaboration with other countries, in all aspects considerable growth can be observed. Quality research in India is grossly insufficient and needs strategic planning, investment and resource support.