Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study investigated the use of electronic resources for academic activities among the undergraduates in University of Jos, using the undergraduates of faculty of Agriculture, as a study population. The research was guided by four research questions and four hypotheses. The targeted population for the study was all the students in the faculty of Agriculture, University of Jos. The instrument used in data collection was a questionnaire. The data collected were sorted, coded and input into the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) for production of graphs, tables, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. This study used Pearson product moment correlation statistics at 0.5 significance level to test the statistical significance of the various independent variables on the chosen dependent variables. The study revealed among others that undergraduate Students of the faculty of Agriculture at the University of Jos were aware of the existence of different types of electronic information resources available in the university library; It was further discovered that a large proportion of the respondents made use of the electronic resources mostly for research, assignment, current awareness, information acquisition, and e-mail and news. It was therefore, recommended among others that the university library should conduct sensitization on available electronic resources available in the library and how to access them. This will further increase the awareness and use of the electronic resources available in the university library.