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Winter 4-12-2020


This study is focused on exploring COVID 19 information seeking behavior of Nigerian health practitioners using medical doctors in Delta state Nigeria as a case study. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. Four objectives were laid down for the study and a structured questionnaire was used to elicit information from the respondents. The findings revealed that the COVID 19 information needs of medical doctors in Delta state in the top rank are causes of COVID 19 virus, COVID 19 symptoms, COVID 19 test procedures, how COVID 19 spread/transmission levels, COVID 19 preventive measures, COVID 19 cures, age groups more vulnerable to COVID 19 attack, COVID 19 patients’ isolation/quarantine procedures among others. The study clearly indicates that the sources of COVID 19 information for the respondents are Internet, World Health Organization (WHO) website, Daily newspapers, Nigerian Centre for Diseases Control (NCDC) website, Network News and colleagues (medical doctors) from other states. The study revealed that the major use of COVID 19 information by respondents was to identify COVID 19 symptoms; know the isolation/quarantine procedure and practice for COVID 19 patients; know COVID 19 treatment procedure and to know the drug dosage for the treatment of COVID 19 patients among others. It is clear from the study that large amount of COVID 19 incredible information on the Internet; lack of access to library resources on COVID 19; poor power supply in Delta state and too many sources of COVID 19 information were the barriers to information COVID 19 information seeking and access among the medical doctors in Delta state. Recommendations were put forward to enhance access to COVID 19 information by medical doctors in Delta state so as to prepare adequately for the treatment of any patient should the case arise.