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Developing countries are struggling with cost management of pavement construction and rehabilitation. This case is similar to developedcountries butdeveloping countries are suffering issues of inadequate funds. Therefore, most of the countries started usage of Pavement Management Systems (PMS) to manage the decision-making process and alternate/priority assessments for pavement construction and rehabilitation. Hence, the PMS remains the topic of research interest for various researchers. This paper evaluates the scale and effectiveness of articles published by Web of Science (WoS) Group on PMS since 1990. The data has been collected from the WoS database from 1990 till 2020. The datawas processedand analyzed by Microsoft excel. This paper concludes that the trend of publication PMS articles is increasing and researchers are publications in high-quality articles on theWoS. The citation trend is alsoincreasing butit is analyzed that theWoSis not publishing the PMS conference articles as per the collected data. This paper compiles all the high-quality papers on PMS. It will also assist the authors to find a suitable publisher based on previously published work by the publisher.