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The use of computers by students to access information literacy is very important and integral because it forms the basis for lifelong learning. The study seeks to investigate how students recognize their information needs, the strategies used by them to locate and access information needed, how they evaluate search results and the challenges to the effective use of information by the students at the Okuapeman Senior High school. The study employed survey methodology and adopted the proportionate sampling procedure through the use of a structured questionnaire to sample 84 students out of the population of 670. The findings revealed that students need information for academic work, problem-solving, personal development, career development, an update on current issues, decision making, entertainment, employment and pleasure. They mostly consult knowledgeable person and teachers to complete their information task. The students select the most appropriate search tools, use the appropriate keyword(s), identify appropriate search techniques, and define appropriate search strategy through the use of both Internet and the Library to locate and access information. The students read critically to identify the key points thereby evaluating their search results. The challenges they encounter include poor attitudes of library staff and lack of time. Based on the findings the following recommendations were made: employing trained school librarian, installing internet connectivity, allocating more time and improving searching skills so that students can effectively use computers to access information literacy.



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