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Summer 6-2020


The present study the examined the authorship patterns in the field of eosinophilia literature based on the publications indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection during the period from 1998 to 2017. Totally 70337 researchers have contributed 12118 publications produced over 1,797 journals in the subject of eosinophilia. Findings of the analysis revealed that the author’s productivity examines the trend in understanding the research process in any discipline of science; maximum records of 1625 publications produce by four authors. It is found that the degree of collaboration is an increasing and decreasing trend. This study includes an overview of co-authorship, efficiency and ranking of the researches, visualizing the co-authorship network; analysis of group author’s contribution in eosinophilia research and time series analysis for single authors and joint authors. The author “Rothenberg ME” has published 116 publications with 11662 citation scores; 49.88 average citations per paper, with 60 h-index values measured and it occupy the first rank.