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Metric studies on Coronary Artery Disease with respect to India.


The present study examined 4698 Indian Coronary Artery Disease research publications, as indexed in Web of Science database during 1990-2019, with a view to understand their growth rate, global share, citation impact, international collaborative papers, distribution of publications by broad subjects, productivity and citation profile of top organizations and authors, and preferred media of communication. The Indian publications registered an annual average growth rate of 11.47%, global share of 1.14%, international collaborative publications share of 38.89% and its citation impact averaged to 25.58 citations per paper. Among broad subjects, Cardiovascular System & Cardiology contributed the largest publications share of 19.14% in Indian coronary artery disease output, followed by Neurosciences & Neurology (14.94%), Pharmacology & Pharmacy (8.51%), etc. during 1990-2019. Among various organizations and authors contributing to Indian coronary artery disease research, the top 20 organizations and top 30 authors together contributed 40.70% and 37.29% respectively as their share of Indian publication output and 38.36% and 33.13% respectively as their share of Indian citation output during 1990-2019. Among 1222 contributing journals in Indian coronary artery disease research, the top 30 journals registered 30.80% share during 1990-2019. There is an urgent need to increase the publication output, improve research quality and improve international collaboration. Indian government also needs to come up with a policy for identification, screening, diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease patients, besides curriculum reform in teaching, capacity building, patient education and political support are badly needed.