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Dear Editor

Best Greetings of the Day ! This mail is with reference to my previous submission, with title "CITATION ANALYSIS OF PHD THESES AWARDED IN SOCIAL WORK BY TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (TISS), MUMBAI : A STUDY BEFORE THE INTERNET ERA" After discussion with my co-author, we have edited and upgraded the paper a bit and would like to submit a revised version of our article. It would be great if you can please use the current draft as the final paper submitted by us. We would be obliged for your kind consideration Thank you Brijesh Kumar Verma1 Research Scholar in LIS, Department of Library and Information Science, Research & Development Centre, Bharathiar University Coimbatore -641046, India. E-mail: bkvermalis@gmail.com1 Contact No.:+91 9930560317


The present study is based on 6,649 (Six Thousand, Six Hundred Forty Nine only) citations cited in 46 (Forty Six) Ph.D theses awarded in Social Work by Tata Institute of Social Work, Mumbai period of before the Internet era (till 2000) has been carried out to know the citation pattern. The data was collected using Shodhganga e-theses database or SDTM Library, TISS, Mumbai. The study carried out for parameters such as age of references, bibliographical format, title of pages, abstract and references of each Ph.D thesis. The softcopy and hardcopies were examined concerning name of the citations, number of citations, title of Ph.D thesis in social work, year of Ph.D thesis awarded, types of works cited, subject area covered and the total of each cited work. The study found that the total of 2,926 (Two Thousand, Nine Hundred Twenty Six only) books citations and 2,207 (Two Thousand, Two Hundred Seven only) journal citations were cited in 46 (Forty Six) theses. The Indian journal ‘Economic and Political Weekly (EPW)’ has been cited 126 (One Hundred Twenty Six) times and stands first in the rank list of journals. ‘Indian Journal of Psychiatry (IJP)’ has been referred to numerous occasions stands second circumstance in the rank overview with 91 (Ninety One) times references. ‘Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ)’ journal stays in the third circumstance in the rank summary with 88 times references. The rank overview of country wise journals showed that journals published from India have extraordinarily high instances of references followed by journals dispersed from USA and UK. The study highlights the constraints faced by Ph.D scholars prior to the advent of internet and online access era in developing their scholarly work.



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