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Summer 5-7-2020


This paper presents a bibliometric analysis of the literature in the field of Coronavirus in MEDLINE data which has been covered in PubMed. The study period has been selected from the year 2000 to 2019. It is noticed that 10700 records available in the field of Coronavirus. It has been found that 41.71% of records are Research Support, Non U.S. Gov't, and 30.18% are Journal Articles. The United States is the major publisher in the field of Coronavirus followed by England, Netherlands, China, etc. It shows that 95.14% of the total records were in the English language. Relative Growth Rate (RGR) has been decreased and Doubling time (Dt) has been increased from the year 2001 to 2019 but in an inconsistent manner. It has been noticed that 24 journals grouped in zone-1. Similarly, the second zone contains 120 journals and 697 journals grouped in the third zone. There are 144 journals that have been identified as core journals in the field of Coronavirus. It has been shown that the United States published 49 core journals in the first position followed by England, Netherlands, China, Korea (South), etc.



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