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Nigerian’s Children’s literature is one valuable tool for addressing social issues in Nigeria. However, it is often neglected due to its simplicity and it has implication for the future of any nation. This paper discusses the concept of Nigerian children’s literature and how it can be used as a method for addressing social issues in Nigeria. The purpose of the study was to identify these social issues which include gender discrimination, insecurity, corruption and sexual immorality, the causes of these social ills, the implications of these social issues, the relationship between social issues and children’s literature and also proffer children’s literature as a solution to the decadence in the society. An evaluative survey was used in this work and it considers Nigeria as a country. It was found out that most children’s literature often have a theme that is being projected and if these themes are well emphasized through various methods of learning which includes instructions from parents, teachers, guardians and authors, they could go a long way to help in the formation of a child’s attitude even from a tender age. This will in the long run produce better citizens and also help to shape the society to the benefit of all.



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