Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This paper is based on literature review of management control system in university libraries. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the place of management control system in university library, challenges associated with management control system and the enhancement strategies. This paper is important as it provides insight in which university libraries could improve staff performance leading to achievement of educational goal of the university by rendering effective information services to the students, faculty and the university community. Literature revealed that management control system maintains a formulated policy with regards to the conduct and performance of the staff; material resources and financial records. The paper discovered that there are challenges associated with utilizing management control system in university libraries, these include: inadequate staff training and development, poor communication system, inadequate infrastructure, inadequate funding, staff collusion, management overriding established control, abuse of authority, staff incompetence and alteration in the system. It was identified in the reviewed literature the strategies that could be used to mitigate challenges to effective management control system which include: adequate development and training; adequate finance, effective segregation of duties and supervisory control and clear definition of objective. Based on the findings, adequate management control system was recommended to university libraries which will produce a reasonable assurance efffect on service delivery.