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This study investigated the level of utilization and factors influencing utilization of John Harris Library, University of Benin by undergraduate students. A four point likert scale instrument with 35 questions was adopted. Seven questions were on demographics, ten questions on utilization of the library while 18 questions were on factors influencing utilization of the library. Undergraduate students comprising different levels of studies were used in the study. Data collected were analyzed using frequency distribution, percentage, mean, Pearson Product Moment Correlation. Results indicate that there is high and significant level of utilization of the library among the undergraduate students of the University of Benin, Nigeria. Sixteen major factors influenced utilization of the library by the students. Such factors include: human, institutional, environmental factors and information literacy skills. Efforts should be put in place to sustain this result and to use it as a benchmark for providing quality resources, facilities and services that will encourage adequate utilization of any university library.



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