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The present study is first of its kind as it attempts to ascertain publications output on coronavirus as reflected in Scopus database from the Chinese perspective. The most productive contributors, institutions, journals and core subjects in coronavirus publications are identified in this study. The highly cited articles on coronavirus are also identified. The VOS-viewer software is used to identify the collaborative network of authors, countries and occurrence of keywords. During 2011-2020 a total of 1331 publications were published in this field. The highest number 190 publications were published in 2018. The most prolific contributor was Jiang, S. who contributed 63 Publications followed by Du, L. with 51 publications. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing was found to be highly contributing institution with 144 publications followed by Chinese Academy of Sciences with 143 publications. The Journal of Virology was most productive journal with 84 publications followed by Plos One with 55 publications. The United States was leading collaborative country in coronavirus research with 271 publications. Out of total publications, 1319 were produced by multiple authors while only 12 by single authors. The word “non-human” was found to be the most frequently used keyword in publications with 910 occurrences.



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