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Due to the advent of allopathy and concomitant usage of the medicinal drugs with herbal medicines, many herb drug interactions are increasingly reported in the scientific literature. In this study, we have collected the scientific literature in the field of herb drug interactions published between 2011 to 2019 and analyzed it for the scientometric trends to understand the research direction in the last decade. We analyzed for the most prolific authors and their affiliations, top ten countries, funding agencies that sponsored the most publications and journals with most articles published in the field of herb drug interactions. We also identified three top articles of the field, two out of which made it to the list of top articles (based on citation count) of all time. We have identified upcoming research trend of network analysis and systems biology approach in the broad field of herbal medicines and application into the field of herb drug interactions. Our study demonstrated a dominant role of China and authors working in Chinese institutions (research output measured through analysis of publications, author contributions and grant fundings) in the field of herb drug interactions. As use of allopathy and herbal medicines together is on the rise worldwide, we predict that herb drug interactions will become an important concern in the future and precise regulatory guidelines must be developed worldwide as soon as possible.



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