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Summer 5-9-2020


This study was to examine the research productivity published in the Indian Journal of Pediatrics. The study was conducted based on the citable documents like articles, conference papers and review published in the journal which is indexed in the Scopus Database. The period of study is from 1936 to 2018 ie 83 years. The yearly distribution of publications with growth analysis, authorship pattern with its nature of collaboration, citation analysis with citations per paper, uncited ratio and top 20 authors ranking were statistically analyzed in this study. Further the study analyzed the geographical distribution of literature, highly cited research outputs, most preferred forms of documents, prolific institutions.

A total number of 8732 research productivity has been published in the journal between 1936 and 2018 and collaborated research work dominates during the study period. More than two thirds (66.71%) of the total publications received citations with an average of 6.92 citations per paper. The uncited ratio stood at 0.33. The article on “Liver function tests ad their interpretation’ by B. R. Thapa and A.Walia published in the year 2007 is the highest cited paper with 175 citations. The Highest number of publications was contributed by I. C. Verma with 105 publications. S.K. Kabra is the most successful author for his 83 cited publications. The Article form of publications is the most preferable form of publications by the researchers. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi is the major contributor among the Institutions and India being the most productive country with 55.88% share of contributions to the journal.



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