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Summer 6-1-2020


Coronavirus is a respiratory syndrome, a virus causing stern pneumonia in humans. The results of the Pandemic virus is high mortality, respiratory infections including the common cold, high fever etc. The main objective of the study is to explore the publications trends of CoronavCirus research by using R-Studio. Scopus database has been used to extract the bibliographic metadata of the publication between 2010 and April 2020. A total of 10515 documents were published across the globe on Coronavirus (Covid-19) during the assessment period under consideration. The result of the current study suggests that the earlier outbreak of Coronavirus were understudied. It also observed that; the research volume of the disease, which emerges after an outbreak, is very high and very little on disease prevention. This may receive insufficient research and limited investment in obtaining a complete understanding of coronavirus management and prevention. The United State of America appeared as the highest contributor and the University of Honk Kong appeared as the most productive affiliation during the study. The outcome of the current pandemic (COVID-19) outbreak, we believe that there should be an emphasis in the field of enticements on coronavirus research



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