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The study has an aim to figure out the role of mobile communication in developing Knowledge base among rural women through knowledge sharing. Using a structured questionnaire quantitative data have been collected by survey method and qualitative data through FGDs. Data has been collected on the way of sharing knowledge, areas of expertise, sharing knowledge types, with whom sharing knowledge etc. Rural women are being interested in knowledge sharing through mobile phone because mobile phones are cheap, easier, and available medium for communication to them. Among the rural women who have completed at least secondary education, are sharing both their tacit (mostly) and explicit (moderately) knowledge. On the other hand women who are not literate they are sharing only their indigenous experiences. Both types of women have realized that they are positively being changed in their living attitude because of using mobile and now their knowledge base is somewhat better than ever before. The findings also revealed that they are getting benefit by enriching their knowledge base in different areas and its implementation in their livelihood. Moreover it is apparently clear that they will play important role in developing knowledge base society in rural area through sharing their knowledge in near future.


Knowledge Sharing, Mobile Phone, Rural Women, Bangladesh