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The purpose for the establishment of every university library is to provide information resources, make them available and accessible while ensuring the information resources meet the information needs of the users. This study became necessary considering the poor performance of university students and low reading habit nowadays. This study aimed at finding out the availability and accessibility of information resources for Pharmaceutical science students of the University of Jos. The study adopted survey as the research design, 549 undergraduate students of Pharmaceutical science constituted the population and from which 55 samples were drawn to represent the population. Questionnaire (closed ended) was the instrument for data collection and a pilot study was conducted to ensure its reliability before it was finally administered. The data collected was analysed using simple descriptive statistics, viz: frequency distribution, percentages and mean. The findings revealed that most of the information resources are available while some of them are moderately accessible. It was also discovered based on the findings that almost all the information resources listed in the library were considered useful by the respondents. It was therefore recommended that the library should sustain the available and accessible information resources, and more information resources should be acquired and be given accessibility to the students because of their usefulness to the students.



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