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Abstract: The study is to analyze the research productivity on viral infections caused in the eyes. The publications indexed in PUBMED database have been used for this study for a period of twenty years from 2000 to 2018.The retrieved data were analyzed with common bibliometric publication growth indicators such as Ratio of Growth, Relative Growth Rate, Doubling Time, and authorship pattern indicators such as Degree of Collaboration and Collaboration Index. The Analysis revealed that 6613 publications were published in this area of study. The publications' productivity shows a fluctuated trend over a period of time. Coauthored publications dominate over single author contributions. In the prolific author category, Rouse, B T is the top ranked author with 51 publications to his credit. The maximum productivity of literature was contributed by England. American Journal of Ophthalmology is the most preferred journals by the researchers in this area of research. The most popular MeSH/keyword is virology with 6467 appearances in the published literature during the study period.



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