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WhatsApp is a Social Media application that has emerged as a great tool for communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing and these prospects have encouraged its adoption and use by professionals in different fields and library and information Science profession is also not an exemption.


This study examined the librarians’ perceptions and knowledge of the use of WhatsApp for the enhancement of service in university libraries in South-South, Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive survey design and a questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. Total enumeration (purposive sampling) technique was used to gather data from 169 librarians in 6 federal, 4 state and 3 private university libraries in South-South, Nigeria. This sample population size was considered appropriate because from the study the above mentioned institution uses WhatsApp in service delivery. However, only 141 librarians answered and returned the questionnaire at the specified time. The findings revealed that 79 (56%) of the respondents were males and 62 (44%) of the respondents were females. The study revealed that the majority of the respondents portrayed a positive perception of the use of WhatsApp for the enhancement of their services. The findings discovered that librarians’ are knowledgeable on the use of WhatsApp for enhancement of services. The findings also revealed that librarians in services division are using WhatsApp to disseminate the following services; user education/orientation, reference services, instant feedback about the library, announcement, research help services, extension and outreach services to mention but a few. In addition, the study revealed hindrances on the use of WhatsApp in service delivery these include; no written policy on the use of WhatsApp in their university libraries, bandwidth issues, erratic power supply, poor internet facility and among others. The study recommended that university managements in Nigeria, Africa and in other parts of the world should adhere to the following: adopt the use of WhatsApp for the enhancement of their services, library management should organize regular training for librarians on practical use of WhatsApp for library services, library management should formulate policies that guide the use of WhatsApp in university libraries, swift internet access should be made available in university libraries to project the use of WhatsApp by librarians, alternative power supply should be made available for university libraries to enhance the use of WhatsApp and library users should be educated of the availability of WhatsApp services in their university library as well as training on how to contact the library via WhatsApp.