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This paper is a study of the LIS journals published by Emerald group of publications which originated online in the 21st century upto the year 2015. Five such journals include Journal of Enterprise Information Management (JEIM), Journal of Intellectual Capital(JIC), Online Information Review (OIR), Performance Measurement and Metrics (PMM) and Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society (JICES). Highest publication is by OIR and 2009 produced most articles followed by 2008. Research paper tops the list in all the five journals. Single authored papers are predominant followed by two authored papers. Authors from UK contribute maximum numbers of papers and most papers have been contributed from Brunel University, UK followed by University of Hawaii, USA. Authors repeat contributions to the same journal. No author among the top-ranking authors is found to be writing for any other journal among the five journals except Bar-Ilan J. In 2005 most citations are received in the three journals except OIR and JICES where articles published in 2009 received most citations. A six-authored paper in JEIM received most citations followed by a single authored paper in the JIC. The average article length mostly ranges from 16-20 pages in all the three journals except PMM and JICES where it ranges from 11-15 pages. 59 unique keywords appear in the journals and eight keywords are repetitive. Contributions by Indians are negligible. The journals are found to have varied aims and scope and accept articles of varied interest.



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