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This present study observes the needs of information and searches for fishermen's behavior. This study was done as pilot study on the fisherman living in the coastal area of Ghogha located in the western part of India. The questionnaire was distributed to 100 fishermen. Out of that 80 set of questionnaires were returned with the required information and taken for analysis. This research was done using a survey methodology with structured set of questionnaire on information seeking behavior and data was collected. The results are accomplished based on questions asked to the fishermen of this area. The main aim of research work is to find out the current ways of information seeking behavior of fishermen and overall current scenario of fishermen. Study finding revealed that with the help of information technology and mobile technology, the fishermen uses this information and does there work. The efforts are being made to know what role does the internet and library play in fetching such information. Efforts were also made to know about the facilities provided and the problems faced for fishing in this area. Here the information is sought about the education and provision of government facilities provided to them.

(Key words: Information needs, Information seeking behavior, Fishermen, Coastal area, India.



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