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Spring 8-9-2020



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Background: Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was initially detected in China a short time ago, and ultimately developed a most important global health nervousness due to its nature and extensive spreading everywhere in this world. Despite a rising awareness in COVID-19 among the people, little is understood about the present state of data on COVID-19, which may describe what proportion is understood about this difficulty. This bibliometric analysis assessed the present-day scientific information to measure the growth of literature available on COVID-19, recognise the leading research stakeholders, and explore the same.

Methods: Bibliometric records on Coronavirus Disease – 19 reported studies published till April 1, 2020, were recovered from the leading database such as SCOPUS. Further, collected suitable data were analysed with the help of MS-Excel.

Results: A total of 541 publications and 11251citations were taken for this study, comprising of journal articles, reviews, letters, and other publications. The average number of authors and citations per document was 2.45 and 70.76 correspondingly. Also, the best ten articles, authors, and journals were recognised built on the occurrence of publications. It is identified that, Medicine, Immunology and Microbiology and other pandemic related topics are associated with COVID - 19 are the major area of study during the study period. Highest publications have appeared in PLOS One journal. Highest publications emerged from the USA.



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