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Summer 6-15-2020


A Bibliometric Study of Communications Published in Journal of Informetrics from 2012 to 2016. This research study demonstrates a bibliometric study of scholarly communication published by Ahmedabad Library Network (ADINET) in proceedings of annual conference (seminar). ADINET celebrates Librarian’s Day every year to commemorate the birthday of Dr. S R Ranganathan by organizing seminar in Gujarat, a leading state of India. This bibliometric study is intended to bring out the results of seminar proceedings published by ADINET from 2005 to 2019. This study investigated 176 papers published in Proceedings of ADINET seminar during 15 years. Study revealed that most of authors prefers to write for this seminar as a single author and out of 176 research papers 119 papers are written as single author whereas 36 papers found with double author and 21 papers published with three authors. It is also found from the study that Rashmi Kumbar and Shailesh Yagnik both are prominent authors whereas Gujarat is leading state published a maximum number of papers.



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