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An attempt is made for bringing out the growth of literature on human genetics. Web of Science database has been used to retrieve the data of five years (2014-2018) by searching a keyword “Human Genetics" in the combined topics, abstract and keywords fields. The scientometric tools and techniques such as document type, year wise distributions, language, and country wise distribution are used for measuring the outputs. Findings of the study indicate that more than 1966 (20.51%) research articles were published in the year 2016. English was the dominant language with 9393 (97.9%) followed by German with 71(0.7%). For the contributing top ten most productive countries, USA topped the list with 46.8%, followed by UK (12.9%), and China (10.1%). The frequency occurrence of words among the publications revealed that the word ‘Human’ is largely found with 1545 (16.1%) and followed by a word ‘genetics’ which occurred in 1389 (14.5%) publications. The results of Straight-line Equation and Time Series Analysis predict future trend of growth of research outputs in human genetics to reach 6374 research papers in the year 2034.

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