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Summer 9-30-2020


This paper aims to examine research practice and performance on the electronics resources in India during the year 2011 to 2020 on different parameters namely yearly research growth, relative growth rate and doubling time, forms of research, most prolific authors and Institutions, Collaborative country, degree of collaboration, and funding agency etc. The data of the current research paper about electronic resources indexed in the Scopus database have been retrieved. The records with topic search (includes Title, Abstract, Keywords and Keywords Plus) “Electronic resources” were extracted. MS Excel and VOS viewer have analyzed these data. The search result shows that a total of 1482 papers have indexed in the Scopus database during 2011-2020. The study reveals that numerous research papers have been published on electronic resources in India. 2019 is the leading (288 papers) producer of research papers,” Library Philosophy and Practice” is the leading (64 papers) source of publications, Bhat, N.A, Jha, M.K and Thanuskodi, S are the prolific authors, the United States is the highest (78 Papers) collaborated country and degree of collaboration (DC) = 0.92, “Department of Science and Technology, Government of Kerala” is the highest (13 papers) funding agency for the topic electronic resources research in India.



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