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College and Research Libraries News (C&RL News) is an editorially reviewed publication that publishes news, case studies and other non-research material. The articles in the News do not go through peer review and are meet different standards. This study presents a systematic analysis of the publications in the C&RL News, magazine during the year 1996 to 2019. The analysis provides the understanding of features about highly cited publications. Although the articles in the magazine had been published after an editorial review only and not as other standard peer reviewed policies adopted by reputed journals, it appears in second quartile (Q2) in SCImago Journal Raking among publications of library and information science. The publication data collected from Scopus database has been utilized for analyses and interpretations. Authors have applied scientometric indicators such as collaboration coefficient, annual growth rate, relative growth rate to recognize various dynamics of the magazine. Authors have also analysed the characteristics of the highly cited publications and found that high profile collaborative authorship and addressing the contemporary trending topics are consistent features of highly cited documents, even without having a formal peer-review process.



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