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Unwillingness and negative attitude of librarians was observed as a factor that hinders users from accessing information resources in most developing country libraries. This negative attitude could be associated with the demographic factors of the librarians hence this study investigated demographic factors as predictors of career commitment of librarians in South-South universities, Nigeria. Three research questions guided the study and three hypotheses were formulated at 0.05 level of significance using simple regression analysis. The research questions and hypotheses were analysed using inferential statistics such as simple regression analysis. The population comprised 197 librarians in universities of South-South, Nigeria. Questionnaire was used as instrument in addition to reliability using Cronbach Alpha to determine the internal consistency. The findings reveal that age, educational qualification and work experience contributed positively to career commitment and significantly predict career commitment of librarians. It was recommended that University management/librarianship should encourage young librarians while considering staff developmental training. In addition, experienced librarians are cautioned not to trivialize commitment. The study concludes that demographic factors significantly predicted career commitment.