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Fall 10-1-2020


In this study attempts have been made to bring into focus discrepancy between high and low level of attitude among the parents of Lalgola and Beldanga-II blocks in Murshidabad District of West Bengal towards public libraries in empowering women. The study was conducted from the aforementioned blocks on 100 parents of the students who were benefited from Kanyashree one time scholarship grant of Rs. 25,000. The main purpose of the study is to assess the role of public libraries in empowering women. The result shows that Kanyashree Prakalpa has a significantly powerful effect towards reducing child marriage (thereby reducing the risks of early pregnancies, associated risks of maternal and child mortality, and other debilitating health conditions, including those of malnutrition) and school dropout. The scheme encourages financial inclusion and is considered as a tool of empowerment for adolescent girls. It also supports the positive impact of higher education and delayed marriages and also works to improve the social power and self-esteem of girls. The study further exposed that the role of the public library is significant towards the prospect to gain skill and knowledge that help the girl children become economically, socially and politically independent.