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Spring 10-1-2020

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This paper describes the level of digital information literacy among engineering students of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra affiliated Institutes (Ganpati Institute of Technology & Management, Shivalik Institute of Engineering & Technology and Swami Devi Dyal Institute of Engineering and Technology). In this study, an attempt has been made to know the information literacy competency among the students. A questionnaire was prepaired for data collection and distributed among students of each Institute. The response rate was 90% (42 from GITM, 47 from SIET and 46 from SDDIET). The result of the study shows that email is the most indispensable source of information for all students. The usage of search engine has high percentages (68.8%) among students. Further, the result indicated that to collect study material with usage of digital resources is top priority of students. It is found that objectivity (67.4%) is the most important criteria for evaluation of web resources by the students. Additional result show significance differences in the e-information need, using digital resources, ICT skill and Internet search tools among all students.