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Summer 10-1-2020


The current investigation work utilized bibliometric and visualization techniques. Scopus bibliographic database sources used to retrieve data. Two thousand seven hundred sixty-four (2764) papers retrieved by applying the 'Affiliation' in Scopus' simple search section. Biblioshiny (3.0), MS-Access, Excel, and VOS Viewer software used to analyze data and bibliometric indicator extraction employ to evaluate the research productivity of Banasthali University for a period of twenty-one years from 2000 to 2020. This data analysis leads to monitor the university's past and present status to maps its future perspectives. This study ventured to examine the overall performance of the faculties and researchers of the Banasthali University in research productivity and publications. The study concerned on finding the year-wise distribution of the publications, author's keywords ID, period, average citations per documents, top-ranked subjects, authors, most distinguished and productive author, author appearances, single-authored documents, multi-authored documents, top-ranked publications, co-authors per documents, co-authorship index, degree of collaboration based on the collected data and information gathered.



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