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The study highlights the highly cited publications published by selected five Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) during the period 2010-2020. The IITs are the institutes of eminence and produced the quality scholarly output. They always occupy top positions in the ranking of institutions by different agencies. The data has been collected from the Essential Science Indiactor (ESI) which is a tool of Web of Science database. A total of 468 highly cited articles have been downloaded and analysed. The various parameters considered for the study are the year-wise distribution of articles, subject-wise distribution; the renowned journals published these articles, and top-cited articles. The findings revealed that IIT-M has a larger amount of immensely cited articles, and the chosen IITs have followed the collaborative model of more than four authors. Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering are the subjects in which the hugely cited articles have been published. The study would assist the researchers, academicians and funding agencies in providing a general overview of the highly cited articles produced by IITs and also in identifying the trend in research.



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