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Archivists are managing a large amount of information every day. Hence, the basic foundation of archival philosophy is understanding the nature of archives and manuscripts and that an archivist or a librarian should manage the collections to properly preserve corporate memory. This study used the descriptive methods of research using survey questionnaire to: 1) determine the extent of knowledge and practices of academic librarians on the ten domains based on RA 9470 namely: a) scope, interpretation, and objectives; b) functions of the University Archives; c) structure and staffing pattern; d) management of archival records; e) transparency of transactions and access to information; f) standards, inspection, reporting, and audit; g) administration of University Archives; h) miscellaneous provisions; i) permanent buildings and; j) amendments to implementing rules and regulations; and 2) determine the significant difference of the knowledge and practices of the academic librarians on the ten domains when grouped according to their age, professional qualification, and years of service. Findings revealed that the 12 academic librarians have in-depth archival knowledge of the ten domains. However, the extent of practices shows that there is much to improve in the University Archives particularly on structure and staffing pattern, records management, standards, inspection, reporting, and audit, records access, and permanent building. It was also found that the archival knowledge and practices of the respondents when grouped according to their age, professional qualification, and years of service at SMU have no significant difference.



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