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This study was intended to examine the level of user satisfaction with respect to the resources and services of public libraries and the problems faced by the public library users in Lahore, Pakistan. For the purpose of the study, a quantitative research approach based on survey method was used. A structured questionnaire was designed to collect data from the public library users utilizing convenience sampling. The study population consisted of users of four major public libraries in Lahore, Pakistan. The findings showed that the majority of the respondents tended to visit the public library daily and were satisfied with the circulation services at the library. They also considered the public library to be the best information resource in their area. However, they were found to be dissatisfied with the internet-based services available at their libraries as well as the lack of a library-user relationship. This study provides useful information for improving library resources and services in Pakistan, and would help to improve the level of user satisfaction and library services quality in the public sector libraries of Lahore. It also emphasizes the need for the policy makers to device a benchmark for quality service delivery in public libraries in Pakistan.

Keywords: Library user satisfaction, User satisfaction, Public library services, Library resources, Public Libraries, Lahore, Pakistan.



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