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Purpose: India is one of the countries which has maximum number of livestock with rules the rural economy, which are eventually dealt by veterinarians to overcome different crisis. Veterinarians are entrusted with combating various disastrous situations whichever come in the way of this natural resource. This article deals with information needs and seeking behaviour of veterinary users who are aspiring to be future experts in the field and faculty personnel of two Veterinary Council of India accredited colleges situated in North East India, namely College of Veterinary Science, Assam and College of Veterinary Science, Mizoram.

Methodology: The authors visited the above mentioned colleges to elicit data from respondents. A questionnaire was propounded for the purpose. Later the data were analysed, tabulated and hypothesis were drawn and checked.

Scope and Coverage: The article encompasses veterinary college students; faculty personnel of two Veterinary Councils of India (VCI) accredited veterinary colleges of Assam and Mizoram.

Findings: Sixty percent female respondents had graduation degree followed by 58.06% male respondents having the same. Overwhelming majority of both the male and female respondents claimed that they visited library for books while, 71.43% female respondents visited library for borrowing books. Chi square test proved that there is a significant relationship between the gender of the respondents and the purpose to visit the library.

Originality: This article is entirely original in nature. No other research works have been performed in this region so far.



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