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Spring 10-21-2020

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Nigerian institutions and society at large are shroud in deep, prevailing and wide spread ignorance of special libraries’ importance. As a result these libraries are underutilized hence the slow and little national development being witnessed. Advocacy and lobbying are therefore identified as necessary instruments for public relations in dispelling this deep rooted, prevailing and widespread ignorance that has prevented Nigerian special libraries from being optimally utilized for national development. In this light, the paper takes a look at the concept of special libraries, public relations and more specifically advocacy and lobbying and proceeds to examine the need to use advocacy and lobbying as instruments for public relations in Nigerian special libraries as well as identify the forums in which these instruments can be used such as library-user Interactive forum, management meetings, monthly seminars/workshops, in top management /staff meetings among others to achieve the desired result and conclude that the path may be long and tedious but patience and perseverance are all that is required to achieve the desired result.