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Purpose and objectives of the study: This purpose of the paper is to explore the collection, services, challenges and prospects of the libraries of the institute of fine arts in New Delhi, India. Fine arts and performing arts library specialize in collecting items relating to any faction of the art including music, poetry, sculpture, painting, theatre, dance, film and recorded sound etc.

Scope: This study is confined to the libraries of the institute of the fine arts in Delhi, the capital city of India, which are approved and funded by the concerned government.

Methodology: The authors performed a case study to discover the current statues of the libraries of the institute of fine arts in Delhi.

Findings: The study finds that the libraries of the institute of fine arts in Delhi are enriched not only by the collection of printed and non-printed materials but also by art objects. The collection developments works of these libraries of the institute of fine arts are done mainly through purchase and receiving donated books. For development of the library collection they have book selection committee and book purchase committee. It is found that less numbers of libraries have wedding out policy. The study reveals that most of the libraries are doing re-binding for preservation. The interest in participating library network and consortium is found to be stronger.

Originality: This paper identifies weaknesses in current practices and offers some suggestions. This is about an original initiative undertaken to develop a set of core values.