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The main aim of the present study is to investigate the knowledge sharing behaviour of research scholars at Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (CCS HAU), Hisar, India. To understand and reveal the knowledge sharing idiosyncrasies of research scholars, various factors have been covered such as knowledge sharing definition, knowledge sharing attitude, communication channels preferred for knowledge sharing, barriers of knowledge sharing, knowledge sharing motivators, and other factors related to knowledge sharing in an academic institution. For the present study, survey method was adopted with the aid of online structured questionnaire for the purpose of data collection. Total 125 research scholars were approached electronically and shared questionnaires through WhatsApp groups and personal e-mails. Out of total 125, 114 valid questionnaires were collected and considered for final analysis, which representing the response rate of about 91.2 per cent. The findings reveals that about 66% of the respondents were in the opinion that sharing knowledge with peers shall benefit all and majority of the respondents possessed a positive attitude towards knowledge sharing and were aware of its importance in their learning process. The face-to-face interaction for sharing knowledge among the respondents is the most preferred communication channel for majority of the respondents (81.58%); however, some major barriers of knowledge sharing among the research scholars have also been noticed. In order to overcome these barriers, the researchers suggest that academic institutions may foster cordial relationship among the research scholars by providing sufficient interaction opportunities. In the end, practical implication of this study has also been discussed.