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I had worked on an article entitled: “Author Productivity of COVID-19 Research Output Globally: Testing Lotka's Law", for the esteemed Journal. This manuscript is my original work and has not been published nor has it been submitted simultaneously elsewhere and I have checked the manuscript and have agreed to the submission and I do not have any conflicts of interest and I don’t find any issues either in your editorial policies. I would like to inform you that I had deposited the article in SSRN Preprint (

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COVID-19 is a novel virus with lethal effects on human health, causing respiratory failure and infiltration in the lungs. The present study attempted to examine global publication trends in research associated with COVID-19 and sought the fitness of Lotka's Law, data downloaded from the WHO database ( The search term "2019nCoV, COVID -19" was used to retrieve articles published from December 2019 to March 19, 2020. Two thousand two hundred eighteen authors have contributed a total of 2250 articles. Four clusters formed on "author title/abstract," the terms hospital, CoV, coronavirus, pneumonia found associated with 20674 terms, out of which 797 met the threshold. Co-authorship pattern of COVID-19 research generated 6 clusters with 65 authors, "Nishiura, Hiroshi" surpassed the list of co-authors followed by He, Daihai, Zhao, Shi and Zhang, Wei. The Lotka's Law on Authors' Productivity on COVID-19 Literature confirmed the applicability of the Law to the present data collection. The goodness of fit-Kolmogorov-Smirnov (KS) measured in the COVID-19 research to quantify the pragmatism of the Lotka's rule between the observed collection of data counter to the inverse square rule relation and the possible value of n=2.